As part of my new job, I’v been circulating in health centers that take care of the poor.

One of the patients I met, had those green eyes, so sad, so desperate, they broke my heart.

He got sick all of a sudden, lost his job, and is now relying on such centers and the generous organizations and people so that he and his 4 children can live minimally…

At such times, one is required to spread positivity within himself and to the person in need.

And to constantly remember that happiness comes from within and that all spiritual had to endure a lot physically, but what matters the most is the tranquility and peace of the mind..


“The natural flights

of the human mind

are not from pleasure to pleasure

but from hope to hope.”

Samuel Johnson


is the only thing

stronger than



“We must accept

infinite disappointment,

but never lose

infinite hope.”

Martin Luther King, Junior

Ranim Daw, MS in Cell & Molecular Biology

R-Health Formula

April 20, 2017