In our research today of natural products to be used as incenses, we came across a true forgotten beauty, the bay leaf. 🍃

We use them a lot in the kitchen (like when boiling chicken or doing rice recipes). But their benefits go way beyond this! 🍃

The leaf has been used as a sedative, analgesic (soothes pain), anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal remedy. 🍃


It could be:

Taken as a tea for its anti-inflammatory and cancer healing properties. 🍃

Burnt as an incense to release stress and alleviate your bad mood. 🍃

Used as an ointment to reduce inflammation of joints and heal wounds. 🍃


More of its benefits are summarized in the image below:


We took this picture today at the end of the burning process. The aroma was truly soothing and relaxing. You have to try it!


Ranim Daw & Rafik Chbaklo

R-Health Formula

April 15, 2017