Who doesn’t be more influential? It gives you an edge to get what you ask for!

A raise? New business deal? A date? … So many stages of your life depend on your ability to convince others of WHAT YOU WANT!

Luckily, we have just the right formula for you to be MORE INFLUENTIAL based on the Science of Influence:

  1. Be a chameleon

  • To be 5 times more successful
  • Mirror the patterns of the person you want to influence (gestures, behavior, language, manners)
  • These subtle shifts can deepen social bonds



  1. Harness the drive to be different

  • When you know what others got and compare it to what you have, you get much less satisfied and 3 times as likely to regret the choice
  • When you don’t know what others have selected to make their choice, you get more satisfied with your choice
  • Knowing all these facts, highlight to the person you want to influence how DIFFERENT your proposed idea/product is

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  1. Pick a proximal pear

  • When you use social comparison, you automatically become more influential
  • Knowing what others are doing, will make people take action
  • Motivation will arise due to competition
  • Best, when you compare the person you want to influence to a Proximal Pear (neighbor, coworker, competing business…)

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Be a chameleon, harness the difference, and pick a proximal pear.

Then, voila! Be more influential!

Get what you want!

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Ranim Daw, MS in Cell & Molecular Biology

R-Health Formula

April 10, 2017