What Is a Fractal?

A fractal is a geometric figure whose parts have the same statistical character as its whole.

Fractals are found everywhere in nature, as deep as the nano-scale, and as profound as the universe-scale.

The beauty of this design lies within the fact that it mixes art, geometry, alchemy, physics, and biology to give life an equation that could be easily found at every scale of it!

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What Defines a Fractal?

The 2 most important properties of fractals are:

1. Self-Similarity

Just like in a fern, the self-similarity held within a fractal is observed no matter how much you zoom in into the structure. The same pattern will undoubtedly appear with each magnification step!

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2. Non-Integer Dimension

Classical geometry describes objects with integer dimensions: 0-dimensional points, 1-dimensional lines and curves, 2-dimensional planes, and 3-dimensional solids.

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However, natural phenomena are better described using a dimension that lies between two integers, and hence the name “non-integer”.

So, the more the flat fractal fills a plane, the closer it approaches 2-dimensions. While the more it is composed of medium-sized hills, the closer it is to 3-dimensions.

Math Alert! Below is the formula of how dimensions are calculated:

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Fractals: From Atoms to the Universe


Atomic Model
Atoms of a Crystal


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DNA Bonds
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DNA Scheme


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Grass Cells
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Starfish Cells
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Cancer Cells
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Green Leaf Cells
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Brain Cells
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Choroid Plexus Cells


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Blood Vessels
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Sea Urchin
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Sun Flower
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Lily Pad
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Image result for lightening


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Andromeda Galaxy
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Star Clusters
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Helix Nebula

As above, so below.

As within, so without.

As the universe, so the soul.

Everything in nature is connected to everything, and everything resembles everything in a very simple-complex manner!

We are merely parts of a whole, an intricate design…

Food for thought?!

Check our coming posts for more beautiful details about fractals!




Ranim Daw & Rafik Chbaklo

R-Health Formula

March 29, 2017