To the beautiful spirits who have held us infinite love from the day they knew we exit, we love you all so much and thank you for everything!

Thank you for jumping with joy when the pregnancy test showed positive results!

Thank you for teaching us how to walk, how to eat, how to use the bathroom, and all the basic survival skills!

Thank you for sacrificing so much valuable time of your youth and health to keep us healthy and happy!

Thank you for spending your money on things we love and need when you were supposed to be shopping for yourself!

Thank you for cooking our favorite dishes even if you didn’t like them that much!

Thank you for bearing with our stubbornness in our many foolish choices and being there when life teaches us its hard lessons in the end!

Thank you for being the best example of how infinite love is, that sacrifice does exist, and that there’s still so much good vibes in the world out there!


Thank you for being the world out there!

Thank you for being our infinity!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Ranim Daw, MS in Cell & Molecular Biology

American University of Beirut

March 21, 2017