We are REPETITIVE beings.

We learn by repeating words, actions, and routines over and over again.

MANTRAS are repeated sounds, word, or phrases often used meditation.

They are a practice of POSITIVE SELF-HYPNOSIS.

For example, “OM” is a traditional Mantra that acknowledges all, connects 


Mantras are essential for BALANCING and ALIGNING the energy of your seven Chakras.

Sit in a quiet room…

Close your eyes…

Repeat each Mantra aloud or silently…



For your Muladhara, your ROOT CHAKRA, feel your connection to EARTH

Sit with your feet firmly placed on the ground…


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart…

Visualize a red globe at the base of your spine.

Feel this energy shift.


Repeat the Mantra.

“I am strong, stable and at peace…”



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Ranim Daw, MS in Cell & Molecular Biology

American University of Beirut

March 6, 2017