Strengthening you SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA, the Chakra of the SUN, will allow you to gain POWER over your life and its choices, confidence, leadership, and MOTIVATION.

Since this Chakra is located in the abdomen area, then STRENGTHENING YOUR CORE will strengthen it!

It is well known that strengthening your CORE STRENGTHENS YOUR WHOLE BODY. It allows you to take your training, fitness program, and your entire body to a whole new level!


Your core is made of the muscle groups represented in the figure below:

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We’ll provide a set of exercises that you can do in circuits, 5 minutes each, with a guaranteed stronger core!

The following exercises strengthen your LOWER BACK:

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These exercise strengthen your ABS:

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Now the real deal! To the exercises that target multiple core muscles at once!

SQUATS! For stronger LOWER BACK, GLUTES, and even upper legs!

6 ways to upgrade a basic squat: Five squat variations so you can chisel your core and build a better butt |

PLANKS! For stronger ABS and GLUTES!

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And finally, to top this all…

DEADLIFTS! For stronger GLUTES, LOWER BACK, and even upper legs and neck!

Image result for deadlift muscle groups


It all makes sense, right? The location of this Chakra and its connection to power and self confidence?

How empowering it is actually by empowering your own body which in turn empowers your confidence and state of being!

Beautiful Science indeed!


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Ranim Daw, MS in Cell & Molecular Biology

American University of Beirut

March 2, 2017