As much as you love to stay in bed in the morning and further enjoy your sleep, push the blanket off you and RISE UP!

The system has got us so occupied by our jobs and daily objectives that we have forgotten OURSELVES. Our reward system has turned into merely allowing ourselves to have more sleep! But why? To rest? Escape reality perhaps? 

So we end up looping in the following routine: wake up, go to work, WORK, come back home, have dinner, do our chores, sleep, REPEAT

Maybe the peak of the day would be meeting friends, hanging out, and probably doing the same over the weekend. But is that called LIVING?


Always, always, always make time for YOURSELF! Include yourself in your plans! Be your own objective!

It could be as easy as waking up 20 minutes earlier than usual, but those MINDFUL minutes will feed your soul and body more than anything else you might do later!

Seize the morning…

There’s a reason NATURE wakes up so early! The sun, the droplets of dew on the surface of leaves, the singing of the birds, the brightening of the skies, all in perfect harmony welcoming the new day, every single day…

So rise with the morning breeze and enjoy the QUIETNESS and PEACEFULNESS of the world around you.

Think, meditate, exercise, read… Do what YOU LOVE! Allow yourself to GROW, and GROW


Don’t go back to sleep…

Don’t go back to sleep…


Ranim Daw, MS in Cell & Molecular Biology

American University of Beirut

February 22, 2017